Christmas Tree Cultural Festival Lights Up Gwangbok-ro


[su_heading size=”20″]The photo shows the main Christmas tree in the central section of Gwangbok Road during the Christmas Tree Festival last year.[/su_heading]

At the end of the year the whole nation is buoyed with the Christmas spirit. However, the festivities descend on Busan weeks before the big day because the city plays host to the Busan Christmas Tree Cultural Festival.

These days, Gwangbok Road is covered in shimmering lights after 5 p.m.

Once the enormous tree in the middle of Gwangbok Road completely lights up, people of all ages, from high school girls to the middle aged, start snapping away, taking pictures of the street or selfies.

The Christmas Tree Festival takes place from Nov. 29-Jan.4 for 37 days on the entire Gwangbok Road area in Jung-gu (district), Busan.

Gwangbok Road, while bursting with lights, provides a perfect venue for date nights and outings for families as it is also filled with restaurants and shops.

Under the theme “Unity and Delight Christmas in Busan,” the festival spans 1.2 kilometers (0.75 miles) from Gwangbok Road’s entrance to its central section, the Modern History Museum and Gukje Market intersection.

Last year’s festival was huge as some 6.3 million tourists visited Gwangbok Road.

The festival features various events like performances in front of the enormous tree, photo opportunities at the photo zone and opportunities to make Christmas tree wishes.

Busan’s popular winter party also won the Pinnacle Award from the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) on Sept. 29. It is rising up to be a global festival.

Visitors can expect an even more from the fantastic light festival now since it has been revamped with a change to the design of the main gate, main tree and other installations.

At the Gwangbok Road entrance, which starts from exit 7 of Nampo Station, a six-meter high fountain-shaped structure has been erected under the theme “Spring of Love.”

The main tree is 20 meters tall, which is higher than last year’s 17-meter tree.

In addition, a fish-shaped tunnel has been set up in the section that leads to the Modern History Museum, under the eight-meter tall gate.

The inspiration came from a fish named ictus, which symbolizes the road of life.

Up to the Gukje Market Intersection, a variety of castle-shaped sculptures and snowflake-shaped decorations are installed.

This winter, why not take a stroll along luminous Gwangbok Road with your loved ones?

Information: Busan Christmas Tree Festival Organizing Committee (051) 256-1225,

Source: Busan City News

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