Homage to Sewol’s victims: ‘WE’LL REMEMBER’


AN ONLINE EXHIBITION curated by Internationally recognized Curator Hye Seong Lee, a graduate of Wayne State University and lecturer at Woosong University in Gwanju, S. Korea. This compelling online exhibition is a moving homage to the victims and relatives of the Sewol disaster that took hundreds of lives. A physical exhibition in a major gallery in Daegu is also being organized by Mrs. Lee and it will be announced soon.

Known and emerging Korean and international artists were chosen for this exhibition. Local artist Gaby Berglund Cardenas, known for her art as activism,  is showing online ‘Anybody’s Child’, photography, and ‘The Mother II’, painting. ‘Anybody’s Child’ will be displayed on the gallery’s physical exhibition soon.

Visit the online exhibition (link below) and share with your friends. Art as activism aims to promote social change. The message is clear for all: ‘We’ll Remember’ and things must change so that similar disasters will never repeat in our history.

This online exhibit will run until the sunken ferry is lifted up.


‘An artist must find his expression closely linked to his individual experience or else follow in the old grooves resulting in lifeless forms.’ Mark Tobey




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