Prominent Haenyeo Diver Dies off the Coast of Gijang


According to Ulsan Coast Guards, a woman in her 60s was found dead on the waters off of Daebyeon port in Gijang yesterday morning.

The woman has been identified as Ms. Park Mal-ae, a 63-year-old female diver known as the Haenyeo Supilga, or female essayist and diver.

According to reports, Ms. Park was found wearing regular clothes.

The coast guards are currently investigating the incident by asking around for witnesses and questioning her family and relatives.

The late Ms. Park is famous for publishing two award-winning essay books, “Song of Seas sung by Haenyeo” and “Monologue of the Waves”.

She received the Korean East-West Literary Award in 2015, and also worked as a storytelling instructor for the Busan City Cultural Manpower Planning Project.




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