Public Hot Spring Footbaths in Busan

Take a load off your feet and relax your feet in one of the cities outdoor foot baths.

Haeundae hot spring footbath was built at Haeundae Beach on June 11, 2010, for tourists. The free public footbath is located next to the Haeundae Beach Tourist Information Center and accommodates a maximum of 80 people and has wheelchair access.

Visitors are able to enjoy the soothing feeling of hot spring water on their feet as they relax under the shade of a roof. The temperature of the spring water is approximately 43 degrees Celsius. This spring has been well known for its quality since the Silla Dynasty and offers a wonderful experience to all.

Haeundae Hot Spring Footbath Operating Hours

2 pm – 9 pm (March – June, September – October)

11 am – 4 pm (November – February)

8 pm – 11 pm (July – August)

(Closed national holidays and Sundays)

For more information, please call (051) 749-7622.

Dongnae Outdoor Footbath

Visitors watch as warm spring water shoots from a dragon sculpture at the Dongnae outdoor footbath, located near other large hot spring spas. Dongnae Oncheon (hot spring), one of Korea’s oldest hot springs, with water temperatures topping 63 degrees Celsius, is well-known for its health benefits and specifically for treating rheumatic conditions, neuralgia, arthritis and blood-flow disorders.

Address: 21, Geumganggongwon-ro 26beon-gil, Dongnae-gu, Busan (Oncheon-dong)

Operating hours: 10 am – 5 pm (March – October), 11 am – 4 pm (November – February)

Closed every Wednesday and Friday, Summer (July 20 – August 31), Winter (January 1 – 31), national holidays, inclement weather (9:00 am)

For more information, please call (051) 550-6601.​


Be sure to take your shoes and socks off and clean your feet before you slide them into the warm spring water. Let your feet sink until the water is about 8 cm above your ankles. Wait for roughly 20 minutes while your fatigue fads and a sooth, warm feeling envelops your whole body.

Some times and dates may vary according to season.







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