Busan Destinations: Visit the Ten Most Beautiful Tree-lined Roads in Busan

Image: Busan CIty News

The ten most beautiful tree-lined roads in Busan are some already popular destinations such as the walking path in APEC Naru Park and Dalmaji Road in Haeundae. While some people may not be as familiar with other spots on the list, they offer wonderful opportunities to see and explore the city.

The Top Ten Most Beautiful Tree-lined Roads:

1.     Oncheoncheon Cherry Tree Road

2.     Zelkova Tree Road in front of Busan City Hall

3.     Yongdusan Gingko Tree Road

4.     Hwangnyeongsan Tunnel Oak Tree Road

5.     Zelkova Tree Road in Guseo-dong

6.     The walking path in Maekdo Ecological Park

7.     The walking Path in Samnak Ecological Park

8.     The walking Path in APEC Naru Park

9.     A tree-lined road in Gwangbok-dong

10.   Dalmaji Road in Haeundae

Cherry Blossom Road in Maekdo Ecological Park

Ocheoncheon in Winter

Forest by Railroad in Hwamyeong-dong

Suyeong Riverside Bicycle Road

Photos and Source: Busan City News






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