14 Arrested in Latest Gukje Market Counterfeit Goods Scam


Fourteen people in Busan have been booked without detention on suspicion of selling counterfeit luxury goods.

According to the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency, the retailers are suspected of selling luxury brand knockoffs at Gukje Market.

The police said the suspects operated the business undercover, on the upper floor of building without signs. They attracted customers by offering a tour guide commission of 10 percent.

In the recent crackdown, the police confiscated from 14 stores 490 million KRW worth of knockoffs products from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Kenzo.

The police said inspections will be held regularly to stop counterfeit goods from being sold in the government-designated tourist district.

A massive warehouse with counterfeit goods was also found in April.


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