17th Joint Meeting of Coronary Revascularization Convenes in Busan

Image: Dowon Kim

The 17th Joint Meeting of Coronary Revascularization (JCR) is taking place from December 8-9 at the Haeundae Grand Hotel.

500 of the world’s leading physicians are taking part in the symposium which focuses on up-to-date presentations of the hottest topics in coronary and vascular intervention.

With nine programs and 31 different scopes ranging from women’s health issues, diseases and adjunctive procedures, the two days at JCR are filled with leading specialists presenting case studies and panel discussions on medical research from around the globe, including doctors from Europe, North America and Asia.

Dr. Moo-hyun Kim, Head of the Cardiology Department at Dong A University Hospital and Chairman of the event, believes that meetings such as this provide great opportunities for Busan and Korea to expand its medical expertise including advancements in the field.

Dr. Moo-hyun Kim, Head of the Cardiology Department at Dong A University Hospital

“We do not (sic) have a global meeting in Busan, in this area, and I wanted to spread new technology and new therapeutic areas to our cardiologists,” he said in an interview with Haps.

Dr. Kim noted that some of the new advancements in the field including 3D printing technology and artificial intelligence are keys to the future.

“Now we are using metallic stents in the coronary, but in the future we’ll have a dissolving stent,” Kim said when referred to the use of stents, which are commonly used in coronary artery disease treatments. BMS, or Bare-metal stents, are known to have a high rate of restenosis and a need for repeat revascularization.

Dr. Klaus T. Preissner, professor of Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry at Justus-Liebig Medical School in Giessen, Germany was an invited member at the event and enjoyed his stay in the city.

“The people are fantastic, friendly, accessible, respectful, so all in all I like Busan very much and I will come back next year,” he said.

The JCR conference was organized by DEXCO and concludes Saturday afternoon.

Image: Dowon Kim




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