40 Guests Evacuated From Park Hyatt Hotel in Marine City After Fire Breaks Out


A fire broke out on the 5th floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel in Haeundae Monday night at around 9:50 p.m.

A 30-year-old fitness trainer first detected the smoke coming out of the ceiling near the entrance to the fitness center and called 119.

The fire authorities were able to put out the fire in 10 minutes thanks to the trainer who helped suppress the fire using an extinguisher in the center. The trainer was later taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of inhaling toxic smoke but was released a few hours later without injury.

40 hotel guests out of 127 had been evacuated to the 1st floor of the hotel. Authorities have said that there have been no other casualties.

The fire caused about 1 million worth of property damage.

According to the fire officials, the smoke alarm went off which enabled guests to evacuate.

Officials are currently presuming that the fire started due to a short-circuit. The exact cause has not been revealed.

The fitness center will be out of use for a while as the hotel works to repair the damage.




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