African Voluntary Crime Preventers Join up With Paju Police

To make the city of Paju in Gyeonggi Province a safer place, African expats in Paju are stepping up their efforts by joining forces with the police.

According to Korea Bizwire:

The “African Patrol Team” is composed of 13 Ghanaians and eight Cameroonians living in Paju. The team has been dubbed PAP, short for Paju African Patrol-team.

PAP will conduct surveillance of criminals in areas where foreigners are concentrated, actively report crimes committed by foreigners, and lead youth activities in multicultural families once a month.

The team is also expected to serve as a stepping stone for local residents and foreigners.

A total of 410 foreigners from Africa, including 170 Ghanaians and 60 Cameroonians, live in Paju. Most are workers at factories in the area.

Similar programs have taken place in Busan and Seoul where local expat volunteers have patrolled with police officers more than twice a month in areas with a high proportion of foreigners to help ease any problems that may arise due to language barriers.

The volunteers will be assigned to work with the foreign affairs section of the police departments and will wear vests and hats.


Haps Staff
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