All Vessels Over 1,000 Tonnes Banned From Entering Yongho Port


All vessels that are 1,000 tonnes or bigger has been banned from entering Yongho port in Busan.

The restriction will be applied for three months.

The Busan Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries has said it has completely banned the entry of large vessels coming into Yongho port where the Russian cargo ship which crashed into Gwangan Bridge had been anchored before.

Last year, 76.1% (134 vessels) out of 176 vessels entering the port were reportedly 1,000 tonnes or bigger.

The Busan Regional Office of Oceans and Fisheries held a meeting with the city of Busan, the Korea Coast Guard, the Korea Maritime, and Port Administration earlier this week to come up with measures after the accident of bridge crash and to discuss the improvement on the port regulations and others.

Many residents in the area have complained about the dangers of the port which still has had munitions and industrial equipment loaded and unloaded.

Plans to turn the port into a recreational area may be advanced if the port is to be closed permanently.




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