Residents who live at the apartment complex that was subject to a shocking arson and murder which saw five people left dead and 15 injured are fearful to return home according to local media.

Many of the residents are suffering from shock and anxiety after a 42-year-old man surnamed Ahn lit fire to his apartment and stabbed residents as they were fleeing from the fire at 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

The Korea Land and Housing Corporation has since announced that it will accept complaints and complaints about housing for the residents of the 303 residents of the apartment.

They said that it plans to discuss the complaints of residents living in the same area as the victims of the tragedy, as well as neighboring residents, to set up measures for the relocation of the applicants.

In addition to the victims’ families and injured family members, the residents of this apartment have been exposed to severe mental anxiety since the disaster, and many of them have not returned home.

Many of them are concerned about their safety and want to move to other places.

A decision on relocation of the residents will be made after the Korea Land and Housing Corporation has listened to all the complaints.


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