Audio Recording of Korean Air Nut Rage Incident Goes Viral


A purported audio recording of the “nut rage” incident on Korean Air at New York’s JFK airport has been released.

The audio, which shows Heather Cho’s screaming at a male airline attendant for giving her macadamia nuts in a bag and not on a plate back in December of 2014, has gathered over 420,000 hits since being released yesterday.

The audio, which is in Korean only, was released by Money Today.

Korean Air has said that the audio recording is “hard to say if it is her” in a comment to the Korea Times.

Cho resigned as a vice president for cabin service four days after a national uproar over her conduct aboard a Seoul-bound Korean Air flight from New York on Dec. 5th, 2014.

The plane had already been taxiing when she ordered the chief flight attendant to deplane over the way she was served macadamia nuts.

Cho said she believed the crew did not follow proper procedure.

You can hear the audio below.