BFIC Recruiting Participants for “Home Visit With Expats” Project


The city of Busan city will carry out a ‘Home-visit project with expats’ to create a community-friendly environment for foreigners living in Busan and allow them to form friendships with fellow local residents.

The ‘home-visit’ project is for both expats and local residents to experience and exchange family cultures.

Interested host families must have more than two people in a household, be open-minded toward other cultures, and provide one meal to foreign guests.

Families with teenagers or college students or family members fluent in a foreign language will have a better chance of being selected for the project.

Busan city is planning to select 20 local host families to connect with up to 50 selected guests.

International students, workers, foreign families living in Busan are eligible for the project; however, tourists or visitors with short-term visa status are not eligible for the project.

You can find out more information on the BFIC website.




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