Bus Drivers in Busan Vote to Strike on May 15


The Busan bus labor union voted to go on strike on the 15th of May after a breakdown of talks with the matters surrounding the introduction of the 52-hour work week.

The bus union of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions voted 154-27 to strike.

According to the bus union, 2,380 buses and 500 town buses will participate in the general strike on the 15th.

The strike will be a temporary strike, and it will be decided at the National Automobile Manufacturers Representatives Meeting to be held on May 10.

City buses in Busan are expected to stop operation from 4 a.m on the 15th.

The Busan Metropolitan City government plans to hold an emergency meeting on Friday and plan emergency transport measures against the bus strike.

The city plans to increase shifts for taxis and operate a flexible work and time system for public agencies.


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