Busan Bites: Premium Izakaya Cheong Dam Lee Sang

Fans of Japanese Izakaya’s will want to make sure that Cheong Dam Lee Sang is definitely on their dining radar.

The premium Izakaya offers up some fantastic seafood and sake, though it’s definitely going to set you back in the pocketbook.

A national chain, there are five locations in Busan — in Gwangalli, Sasang-gu, Haeundae, Nampodong and Seomyeon.

I set out with my friend for a late dinner at the Seomyeon branch, where we enjoyed the fresh salmon sashimi with some sake.

Delicious salmon sashimi plate, 25,000 won

The salmon sashimi came in thick cuts and was mouthwateringly delicious. It is the cheapest sashimi option on their menu at 25,000 won which also included octopus, flatfish, sea bream and seashells. Prices up to 110,000 won for an assorted set are available and individual dishes run around 30,000 won per dish.

The menu also includes different soups, stir-fry, tempura and skewers.

Beautiful, Japanese style interior with Sake

We tried a traditional Japanese sake for 57,000 won, which was quite smooth and easy to drink. Sake prices range from around 30,000 won to their priciest Otokoyama sake at 330,000 won.

Almost all the seating on the second floor is typically Japanese floor-style however it does have the bottom under the table open for a more comfortable sitting experience.

There is also a smoking room available indoors.

Restaurant Information:

Address: 233-3, Bujeon-dong, Busanjin-gu

Open: 5 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Phone: 051-804-7772

Cindy Choi
Lover of food, travel and new cultures, Cindy is currently back in Korea with a suitcase packed and ready to travel.

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