Busan Bites: Try Yukhoe, Korean Raw Beef at Choga Hanwoo

Have you ever tried raw beef? While it might seem unusual to some western tastes, various styles of uncooked beef are enjoyed throughout the world and especially here in Busan, where yukhoe (Korean-style minced raw beef) maintains considerable popularity among many carnivores.

This month, Dynamic Busan wants meat-eating readers to give this delicious dining option a try.

Choga Hanwoo (which translated into English means a straw-thatched roof and Korean beef), with its massive size, unique exterior and classically-styled interior, easily attracts attention even before diners take their first bites.

Korean-style raw beef, or yukhoe

Here, customers can purchase fresh hanwoo, Korean beef, on the first floor and then enjoy their choices on the second floor.

Various cuts of beef including galbi kkotsal and anchangsal are used to make sogogi gukbap (boiled beef soup) with rice, raw beef bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables) and more. The meat is always fresh and its high quality guarantees patrons an excellent meal, whether they favor their beef cooked or not.

The dongjang (community head) in Suyeong-dong (neighborhood) recommends Choga Hanwoo’s raw beef bibimbap, which costs 9,000 won. Diners are served a large bowl full of bean sprouts, radish shreds, spinach and seaweed flakes, with the star of the show, the seasoned raw beef, resting on top. This filling meal comes with banchan (side dishes), ample stir-fried beef and beef soup, as well.

Those who come for lunch between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. can take advantage of the restaurant’s 10,000 won lunch menu option, which offers lettuce leaves for wrapping, as well as a comforting bowl of either cold noodles or doenjang jjigae (bean paste stew).

Address: 719, Suyeong-ro, Suyeong-gu

How to get there: Suyeong Station (Metro lines 2 and 3), exit 3. Walk straight for three minutes.

Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily

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Dynamic Busan is the official news magazine of the city of Busan.

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