Busan Celebrates 100th Anniversary of March 1st Independence Movement

Various celebratory events took place in Busan and South Gyeongsang provincial areas to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the March 1st Korean Independence Movement.

In Busan yesterday, more than 40 people including the mayor of Busan and the head of the veterans’ group have visited Choongryulsa temple in Dongnae-gu early in the morning.

Another celebration event was also been held at Busan Citizens’ Hall to commemorate the day, attended by a veterans group, independence patriots and citizens.

Yongdusan Park in Nampo-dong also held a Citizens’ bell-tolling ceremony at noon.

Changwon, Gimhae, Jinju and other cities in South Gyeongsang province have also hosted various reenactment events of the Mansae march, celebrating the historic centennial of the March 1st Independence Movement.

The Busan court also approved of the celebratory marching event for the Samil Independence movement near Busan consulate general of Japan. The event organized by a local civic group was previously rejected by the police.

The court has ruled that it is difficult to see the march developing into mass rallies, demonstrations or even cause any diplomatic inconveniences as well as causing any serious traffic problems in the area.

The Busan civic group held a civic meeting at 3 pm to commemorate the 100th anniversary of March 1st independence movement in front of the statue of the General Jeong Bal in Choryang-dong.

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