Busan City Wants to Limit Cars on Roads on Critical Level Fine Dust Days


Busan will likely further limit vehicle operation in the city when fine dust levels reach critical conditions.

The city of Busan said yesterday that it will enact the ‘Ordinance on Restrictions of Automobile Operation’ to further limit the use of public vehicles on the roads when fine dust reduction measures are enforced in the city.

The restriction is likely to be applied to vehicles with grade-five emission levels or higher on public officials’ vehicles.

The new ordinance, when enacted, will be applied on top of the odd-even-number alternative license plate numbers for the public vehicles.

A total of 1,376,000 vehicles are currently registered in Busan and 10% of them (or 142,000 cars) are classified as grade-five emission vehicles.

Busan city is planning to hold a public hearing next month to listen to the opinions of the citizens on their newly thought out ordinance.




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