Busan Destinations: Talk a Stroll at Hoedong Reservoir and Oryundae

The most popular walking trail in Busan can be found in Hoedong-dong, Geumjeong-gu. The trail was created along the Hoedong Reservoir, the largest reservoir in Busan, which played an historical role as a primary drinking water source. For that reason, it was designated a conservation area, with entry banned 45 years. The ban was lifted in 2010.

Oryundae, a lakeside cliff within the area, provides a magnificent view of the reservoir area. Its name originally meant a place where five wise elderly people spent time together. People who studied there during the Joseon Dynasty era praised and admired the place and started to affectionately refer to it as Oryundae.

The lake and mountain top provide stunning scenery that can be observed from the comfort of the Oryun-dae observatory deck. The hiking trails here are well maintained and include flatlands, mountain paths, forests and lakes. The red clay forest comes highly recommended. The red clay road in the middle of the forest can even be walked upon barefoot.

Check the map and courses for Heodong Resorvoir Trekking here.

How to get to`A’ course: Guseo Station (Metro line 1), exit 2. Take mini bus 3-1 and get off at Sundong Sanghyeon Village (선동상현마을) stop. Follow the hiking trail downward toward Oryundae. It takes about an hour for the accessible 4.8 km course.

How to get to`B’ course: Jangjeon Station (Metro line 1), exit 4. Take mini bus 5 and get off at the last stop, Oryun Bon-dong Village (오륜본동마을). It is recommended to climb up to Oryundae or observe the mountain scenery from the wooden deck.

How to get to`C’ course: Pusan National University of Education Station (Metro line 1), exit 2. Take bus 179. Or, Suyeong Station (Metro lines 2 and 3), exit 17. Take bus 42. Or, Yeonsan Station (Metro line 1), exit 12. Take bus 99. For all buses, get off at Hoedong-dong stop, the last stop. Walk toward the reservoir management office from the bus stop to find Hoedong Dam. Make a turn right at the entry for a great view of Oryundae and Bueongsan Mountain (부엉산) on the left. It takes three hours to complete the hike and can be challenging for beginners or veteran hikers who might be somewhat out of practice.

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