Busan Metro Strengthens Regulations to Deal With Unruly Passengers


The Busan Transportation Corporation (BTC) has announced that it will implement the ‘Measures to Eradicate Violations of Busan Metro’ in order to strictly deal with behaviors or actions that cause inconvenience for passengers and threaten the safety of urban rails.

According to the Busan Transportation Corporation, there were 263 cases of violations reported in the city last year.

Among them, 103 cases were public disturbances made due to the influence of alcohol.

The railway safety act stipulates that a person, or a suspect, who assaults a Metro staff member or violates the staff’s instruction may be sentenced to less than 5 years imprisonment or a fine of up to 50 million won.

The Transportation Corporation is now committed to actively applying the relevant law and regulations to ensure the safety of construction workers, citizens and urban rails in the city.




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