Busan Station’s New Square Has “No Square”

Kids playing in a water fountain in front of Busan Station.

Construction of Busan Station’s new square didn’t go exactly as planned as there is no square due to administrative problems.

The fountain at the front of the station was slated to be removed to build a plaza, but demolition of the fountain was suspended.

The city announced that it would remove the fountain that occupies an area of 1,290 square meters of land and turn it into a plaza, as the front area of the station was reduced by 30% by the construction of a knowledge innovation platform earlier this year.

The fountain, however, which was installed by the city in 2010 with a budget of 4.4 billion won, was not registered as a common property of Busan City at the time of installation.

Because it also a budget in the billions of won to maintain, it can not be easily removed. In order to dismantle it, it is necessary to go through the process of registering the property again.

The opening of the plaza is set to be at the end of this month.




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