In these fast-paced times, we all seem to be rushing to the next job, wishing the subway arrived 20 seconds faster, clenching our jaw as our fellow pedestrians take up both lanes of the escalator. We’re stressed, overworked, uptight and in need of some R&R.

If this sounds like you, and even if it doesn’t, broaden your wellness horizons at Busan WELLFEST Vol.1. Created by local start-ups Think Think Talk & WellMi, the Busan WELLFEST Vol.1 is a half day workshop dedicated to healthy living. A collaboration of wellness practitioners, teachers, and experts brought together to promote a better lifestyle through the ancient, the modern, the scientific and the spiritual.

A WellMi spokesperson said, “Our goal is to share straightforward wellness information in a fun and friendly way, to network with like-minded folks and to create solid connections in the community. A wellness network. That’s what the event is trying to promote. Wellness is often thrown to the back of the to-do list, but if we bring it to the front, everything else falls into place. We want to give our community the chance to experience many different ways of living well, and hope that something clicks for them.”

The WELLFEST Vol.1 expert facilitators will guide participants through various exercises and deliver simple techniques that can be instantly applied to daily life to help promote a positive, healthy lifestyle.

Wellness is simply the act of choosing to live a life that is good for the whole you, and at WELLFEST Vol.1 you’ll be able to experience many different programs that will get you well on the way to living your best life.

The WELLFEST Vol. 1 Program Includes:

‘Happy Hips and Hamstrings’ 60-minute yoga flow with Danielle Kim.

‘Chiropractic in Health’ with Dr. Ryan S. Lee, DC, a US board certified chiropractor.

‘Kombucha & Kefir: The Elixir of Life’ and ‘Simple Wellness’ with Conor Doran – holistic health coach, yoga Instructor & Chi Nei Tsang practitioner.

‘Level UP!’ Mindful Goal Setting with Laura McLuckie, a wellness tourism researcher & mindfulness meditation facilitator.

‘Mantra: the yoga of joyful sound’ with Lauren Yates – meditation and mantra coach & yoga instructor.

All of this will be followed up by a wellness Q&A session and refreshments in between.

If you would like to join the event or for more information visit this link.

There are only 40 spaces available for this event, so sign up ASAP to get all kinds of happy!!


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