Eat Like a Local

Great places to eat around Korea.

Eat Like a Local: A Savory Twist on Pork – Jeonggyeongsiktak in Yeonsan-dong

Situated around 10 minutes from Yeonsan Subway Station, Jeonggyeongsiktak is a must for pork lovers. They cook aged, juicy cuts of Korean pork perfectly for you in their cafe-like ambiance.

Eat Like a Local: Tastes From the Sea – Badahyang in Gijang

With the calm view of Songjeong beach, Badahyang offers a great meal with Kkomak (ark shells), which are brought from Beolgyo in Jeollanam-do every morning. Wild kkomak is found on tidal flats from November to January in Korea.

Eat Like a Local: Chi Chi Boo Japanese Ramen

Located in the Golden Mercia Building in Marine City, Chi Chi Boo is a Japanese ramen lovers delight.

Eat Like a Local: Two Magical Local Restaurants in Bujeon Market

Among some phenomenal traditional markets in Busan, there is one called Bujeon Market in front of Bujeon Station. It has everything you can imagine and some eating stalls that locals love.

Eat Like a Local: It’s the Perfect Time for Hakkkongchi Mulhoe – PohangHoegwan in Yeonsan-dong

Located about five minutes by foot from Yeonsan Subway Station gate 5, Pohanghoegwan has been known for its unique and delicious mulhoe (hoe in cold soup) for around twenty years.

Eat Like a Local: Paradise for Pork Lovers – Sigolhanu Sigoldwaeji in Marine City

For around ten years, Sigolhanu Sigoldwaeji has been one of the best meat restaurants for locals and is well-known for serving fresh pork from Jeju Island.

Eat Like a Local: Country Style Meal in the Busy City – Hobakgol in Centum

Located on the first floor of a building around Haeundae Centum Hotel, Hobakgol has been loved by locals who miss grandma's food, which is hard to find among busy and soulless buildings since its open in April 2016.

Eat Like a Local: Chase that Hangover Away Korean-Style – Ilgwang Susan in Haeundae

Located behind Haeundae Beach road, Ilgwang Susan has been known for fresh hoe and pufferfish soup for around 15 years. Known for its pufferfish on the first floor and hoe on floors two to five, the restaurant has become a go-to for locals looking to relieve hangovers.

Eat Like a Local: Korean Fine Dining – Yeyije in Haeundae

Situated around Pale De Cz in Haeundae, Yeyije offers spectacular Korean traditional course meals. You will feel the professionalism and care from the delicacies they serve for you.

Eat Like a Local: Fresh Seafood Course Meals – Haeunmaru in Mipo

Located in Mipo area, Haeunmaru has offered quality hoe course meals with pride for around ten years, and now has been one of the most loved raw fish restaurants in Busan.

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