Five Questions for Rock Tigers’ Velvet Geena

You defy the common perception of the “typical” Korean woman. What do you think separates you from the norm? Who were your biggest influences growing up?

I don't try to be masculine or feminine on stage. I'm just being a rocker. I don't try to appeal to men or women. But by not trying to appeal to men in the way that "typical" Korean women put so much effort into perhaps separates me from the norm.

My biggest influences have been teachers from school, characters in novels, my parents and other musicians. Normally I am an introvert in my personal life, so the persona of Velvet Geena has her own set of influences from the “normal” me: Elvis Presley, Wanda Jackson, Janis Martin, the Stray Cats are on the top of that list.

Tharp On: Travel

I came to Korea to savor Asia and see more of the world, and I must say that I've succeeded marvelously, though what began as a benign passion has now raged into a full-blown addiction.

The People of Haeundae Beach

BUSAN, South Korea -- A beach is a simple thing - sea meets sand; the rest are details - but a beach isn’t really a beach until somebody loves it. Among Busan’s beaches, Haeundae suffers no lack of affection. Hundreds of thousands of people crowd Korea’s best known strand every weekend in the summer, turning it into a small city of half-clad umbrella dwellers. There, among the throngs, are the regulars; the folks who comprise the local landscape, the characters who give the beach its character. 

Photo Essay: Korean Adoption

Between delivery and placing them with a foster family, babies usually spend their first few weeks in the adoption agency's nursery. The nurseries are...

Making an Effort in PNU

It doesn't take a wallet full of won to look great, and as these four stylish types prove, making the effort is the key factor.

Shopping in Busan: The Basics

I was recently approached in a KSU bar by a rather scandalously clad young Brit, and asked if I wanted to be her new shopping pal.

Seven Luck Casino

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Paradise Casino Busan

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Finding Your Style in Nampo Dong

Once the bastion of middle-aged women selling black market goods, film festivals and fish markets, Busan’s original downtown.

Tharp On Holidays

It's that time of year again, when the temperature drops and Siberian winds slice down onto the Peninsula. Everywhere you go you hear a chorus of young women repeating the phrase Ah chew-eo! Chew-eo!, in that plaintive whine that only can be produced by the mouth of a shivering, 40 kilogram Korean girl.

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