BIFF Movie Review: Nairobi Half Life

On the surface, the story of Mwas, Nairobi Half Life’s protagonist, could fit pretty snugly into a standard cinematic formula. Small-town boy chases big-city...

Tharp: Opening Night Diplomacy

I'd met Wilkine at the fest a couple of years before. He was living in Jeju at the time, teaching and writing, though he hails from Miami, where he previously made a name for himself as a spoken-word artist.

Korean Expat Adjustment Syndrome: How You Can Beat it With Little or No Style

Having lived here long enough for it to be pathetic that the following ideas hadn't occurred to me sooner, I'd like to share some tips on living peacefully in K-land.

An Expat`s Guide to Going to the Gyno in Korea

Going to the gynecologist in Korea is a lot like getting your hair cut here. It's an unknown, which makes it scary. Horror stories...

The Expendables 2 and the Lost Art of the Action Movie

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The action movie genre is something of a lost art these days. No one can quite pinpoint when the degradation of action on celluloid started to happen, but many will be quick to accuse the shaky camera execution of the Bourne sequels (Supremacy and Ultimatum, both of which were headed up by director Paul “Shaky-Cam” Greengrass) for the decade-long trend in nonsensical action cinematography.  

Shaky-cam is nothing that hasn’t been done before, at least not in the last three or four decades of cinema. Unfortunately, it’s become a prominent stylistic feature in the landscape of modern action films. Thankfully, there are a few Hollywood relics who understand why this needs to change.

Tharp On: Health Care

This past June the United States Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act—better known as Obamacare—in a 5-4 decision that had the whole country...

Interview with the Smashing Pumpkins James Iha

Iha was gracious enough to oblige me with an interview following his set at Jisan. I was set to start the interview and another reporter waiting there with his questions was visibly shaken with his task while Iha, who is well known for being understated, was cool as a cucumber.

Urban Training: Get Your Beach Body on the Beach

For many of us it's a little late to get into beach shape. So why not get your beach body while you're on the...

Surfing the New Korean Wave

BUSAN, South Korea -- It has become almost clichéd to say that hard work is ingrained in contemporary Korean culture. Though unseated last year by Mexico as the hardest working country in the world, the average Korean annually puts in nearly 2,200 hours on the job—far outdistancing Japan, the US, the UK and Canada by about 500 hours per year.

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