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Earthquakes in Korea Becoming Much More Frequent

A total of 223 earthquakes had occurred here in the county last year, which is 3.8 times more than the annual average. 

Mandatory Seatbelts for All Passengers Law Comes into Effect in September

From the end of September, back-seat passengers without a seat belt will pay a fine not only on the highway but also on public roads. 

One of Your 500 Won Coins May be Worth a Lot of Money

You may want to check your pockets to look for one of the most elusive Korean coins there is -- the 1998 500 won coin.

Seoul Global Startup Center Invites 2018 Business Applicants

The Seoul Global Startup Center (SGSC) is pleased to announce the opening of applications for its 3rd Batch Startup Incubation Program.

President Moon’s Photo Used as a Murder Suspect on Turkish TV

An image of President Moon Jae-in was used erroneously by a Turkish TV station as the suspect in a murder case.

International Marriages on the Rise in South Korea

The number of international marriages between a South Korean and a spouse from a different country has been on a rise to a record of over 150,000 just last year. 

2,000 Volunteers Have Already Dropped out of the PyeongChang Olympics

Some 2,000 unpaid volunteers for the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics have dropped out, amid rising complaints over their poor working conditions. 

Eight Middle and High School Students Injured in Cambodian Traffic Accident

Eight Korean middle and high school students who were involved in a traffic accident around Phnom Penh in Cambodia yesterday were students of South Gyeongsang province.

Justice Ministry to Crackdown on Visiting Foreigners Illegally Staying After the Olympics

South Korea's justice ministry said today that it will carry out a special crackdown on foreigners seeking to illegally stay in the country by taking advantage of the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

Breaking: 20 Dead, More Injured in Deadly Building Fire in Jecheon

At least 20 people are reported dead and 24 injured when a fire broke out this afternoon in a commercial building in Jechon, North Chungcheong province.

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