Tharp: My Thoughts on Occupy Wall Street

For the past many years now, as I've seen things unfolding at home - as I've sat down at the computer and watched the videos and read story after story of regular Americans getting fist-fucked by the uber-rich and powerful

Jeju Island and the Seven Wonders of Hype

UPDATE: The accusations of jamming the phone banks and voting irregularities for Jeju to be on the New Seven Wonders list are now coming to light. According to the Korea Times

"Jeju Special Self-Governing Province has not paid for hundreds of millions of international phone calls its employees made over the past few years to ensure the country’s southern resort island was selected as one of the New7Wonders of Nature in a worldwide poll.

A senior official overseeing the finances of the provincial government said Tuesday that it has asked KT, the country’s largest landline phone operator, to defer its phone bill indefinitely. He said the municipal administration is currently unable to make payments estimated to be about 20 billion won ($17 million). 

Have Democrats Earned the ‘€˜Tax and Spend’ Label? You Bet

The ‘tax and spend’ label is one that has saddled the Democratic Party for several decades.

What are you going to do this Chuseok?

BUSAN, South Korea - Ahhh Chuseok. It’s that time of year when the weather begins to turn into what is arguably Korea’s best season. Gone are the rains, the mosquitoes and the massive crowds in Haeundae, while the heat turns bearable and nights become cool, allowing for a better night’s sleep.

The Korean Car Industry’s First Time Battle on its Home Turf

Would the industry have seen a more rapid rise to its high rank on the global market if the heavily-guarded domestic market was open to foreign competition earlier?

Graffiti in Busan: For the People

BUSAN, South Korea -- As a former resident artist at Agit Indie Space in Busan, I have been fortunate to meet some extremely talented graffiti ‘writers.’ This is the title by which they are known in Korea, where a subculture of dedicated writers has existed for over 20 years.

Ask Leah: Should I go for Couple Rings?

Dear Leah,

My girlfriend wants us to get couple rings for our 100 day anniversary, but I think the whole idea is ridiculous.  Do you have any advice?

~Coupling in Korea

Five Questions for ‘The Korean’

What originally prompted you to start the “Ask a Korean” blog? And at what point did you realize that you had started something big?

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