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The Hanoi Hush: Walking Vietnam’s French Quarter

TRAVEL My girlfriend and I have been in Hanoi for less than two hours and already we're rattled. It's Ho Chi Minh City all over again. The...

PHOTO ESSAY: Biking Mongolia

GANGNEUNG, South Korea -- While most people spent their summer in the office or at the beach, Canadian cyclist Brian Perich took a different approach—he spent the summer of 2012 chasing tracks across Mongolia and learned about their culture, customs, language and amazing hospitality. Mongolia is a nomadic nation that lives close to their environment and herds of animals to sustain life in a wild, undeveloped pasture and grassland with a long valley, and high mountain terrain.

Matsuyama – A Slice of Old Japan

The largest city on Shikoku Island, Matsuyama provides countless opportunities for day-trippers at affordable rates.

Saving Thailand’s Elephants

Though it's often mentioned by locals that Thailand was ‘built on the backs' of elephants, the country's Asian elephant population has plummeted since the start of the 20th century.

Tharp: Into Sumatra Part IV

There we were, packed into yet another tin can of a van which rattled and screamed down the road away from Bukkittingi. Hell bent, Hell bent for Padang. The driver was up to the usual shenanigans that I'd come to expect from anyone behind the wheel in Indonesia: being a suicidal dick.

Tharp: Into Sumatra Part III

The bus station in Parapet was sad, even by Indonesian standards: empty and neglected, with just the odd minibus lurching in to drop off or pick up a passenger or two.

Tharp: Into Sumatra Part II

We left for Indonesia early the next morning via a mercifully short flight on Air Asia, the continent's premier discount carrier. It flies out of its own airport in KL, which Sam later dubbed The Air Asia Sky Ghetto.

Tharp: Into Sumatra Part I

Hong Kong was cold—much more than I remembered it—which came as a surprise. I was expecting a sub-tropical middle ground between Korea and Malaysia—no jacket required--but was instead greeted by an indifferent city whose skyscrapers.

Eddie Glayzer’s Journey Across Asia

With the Korean language being a difficult language to master, some people find choosing a hobby in Korea can be a difficult task as...

Go Koh Chang: Thailand’s Elephant Island

TRAT, Thailand -- Koh Chang, which in Thai means “Elephant Island,” is not often spoken of when tourists marvel at the wonders of Thailand. And many people just assume keep it that way. Especially Thai tourists, who go there seeking refuge from the nearly 20 million visitors who make their way to the Land of Smiles each year.

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