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Haeundae-gu to Offer Discounts in Lieu of Low Tourism

Haeundae District in Busan, currently experiencing a decline in visitors due to the ongoing MERS epidemic, has decided to offer discounts for the peak...

Seomyeon to Get No-Vehicle Streets

The Busan-jin District Office is planning to designate “no-vehicle” streets in Seomyeon. The office has been in communication with local merchants who oppose the "no-vehicle"...

Visitors to Ecological Parks Rising in Busan

The number of people visiting ecological parks around the Nakdong River is increasing every year. According to the city of Busan, the total number of...

63rd Floor of BIFC Building Opens to Public

The Busan International Finance Center - the highest building in Busan - located in Munhyeon-dong, Nam-gu, has opened the top floor (63rd floor) to...

Three Beaches to Officially Open June 1

While it may sound bizarre to some, Busan's beach season has been announced beginning June 1 at three of the major beaches in the...

Haeundae Beach to Make Specialized Zones This Summer

UPDATE: There has been an outpouring of comments on the story about specialized zones being featured this summer on Haeundae Beach first reported May 11 on Busan eFm...

Seo-gu Operates Bus Tour on Weekends

The Seo-gu Office launched a Seo-gu tour bus service on March 29, 2015. Eco Tour Goose Good Travel operates the service with a 25...

Haeundae Sand Festival Wins 3rd Korea Festival Contents Awards

The Haeundae Sand Festival has been selected as one of Korea’s representative festivals, and won the 3rd Korea Festival Contents Awards in the festival...

Oryukdo Festival Set For May 2-3

The Nam-gu District Office in Busan in conjunction with the Nam-gu Cultural Center have announced that they will hold the 19th Oryukdo Festival near...

Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams Begins Operations Saturday

One of Busan's biggest summer tourist attractions begins its operations this Saturday. An official of Saha-gu, Busan said that the Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams...

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