The Hanoi Hush: Walking Vietnam’s French Quarter

TRAVEL My girlfriend and I have been in Hanoi for less than two hours and already we're rattled. It's Ho Chi Minh City all over again. The...

Fares on Intercity Bus Routes to be Raised for First time in Nearly Three Years

 The cost for traveling on the intercity and express buses in Korea will go up next month for the first time in nearly three...

PHOTO ESSAY: Biking Mongolia

GANGNEUNG, South Korea -- While most people spent their summer in the office or at the beach, Canadian cyclist Brian Perich took a different approach—he spent the summer of 2012 chasing tracks across Mongolia and learned about their culture, customs, language and amazing hospitality. Mongolia is a nomadic nation that lives close to their environment and herds of animals to sustain life in a wild, undeveloped pasture and grassland with a long valley, and high mountain terrain.

The Secret of Cheongja: Has Reclusive Artist Kim Hae-ik Rediscovered an Ancient Korean Ceramics Technique?

Tucked away in the tiny village of Ujonggol, less than 20 kilometers outside of metropolitan Gyeongju, is a small piece of property comprising three old cottages.

Feature: Let the Korean Air War Begin

While consumers stand to benefit immensely from increased foreign competition, Korean low cost carriers (LCCs) are voicing concerns over an impending loss of market...

Ode to the Commode: Korea Now Home to First Toilet Theme Park

SUWON, South Korea -- The late Suwon city mayor, Sim Jae-duck, whose mother reportedly gave birth to him in the bathroom, had a lifelong love for all things toilet related. So much so that people in Korea affectionately referred to him as “Mr. Toilet.”

In line with this love of the commode, Sim even built his house in the shape of a toilet.

Matsuyama – A Slice of Old Japan

The largest city on Shikoku Island, Matsuyama provides countless opportunities for day-trippers at affordable rates.

Up in the Valley: Guinsa Temple in North Chungcheong Province

DANYANG, South Korea -- A very particular darkness envelops Guinsa at night. Arriving after sunset, one is greeted by a vast parking lot beside something smaller than a village—a splatter of homes and restaurants, maybe 30 in all, mostly closed up by 8 p.m. The temple complex itself lies one kilometer uphill, wedged within a valley surrounded by mountains on the eastern border of North Chungcheong, the landlocked province.

KTO Launches ‘Korea Pass’

BUSAN, South Korea -- The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has launched the Korea Pass with which tourists may pay for various travel-related expenses such as transportation, accommodations and shopping. Korea Pass consists of three different types of cards: credit, check and pre-paid. Prepaid cards and check cards are available for international visitors, while credit and check card are for local residents.

Cards may be purchased in 50,000 KRW; 100,000 KRW; 300,000 KRW; and 500,000 KRW.

Saving Thailand’s Elephants

Though it's often mentioned by locals that Thailand was ‘built on the backs' of elephants, the country's Asian elephant population has plummeted since the start of the 20th century.

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