City Prepares Emergency Countermeasures for Bus Strike Set for Tomorrow


The city of Busan is coming up with emergency transportation countermeasures to prepare against the bus strike expected to happen tomorrow.

With two failed meetings over the differences in the nationwide implementation of a mandatory 52-hour workweek, unionized bus drivers across the country voted overwhelmingly in favor of a general strike on Wednesday the 15th.

They plan to secure 176 chartered and gu/gun buses and operate them in areas in the city that heavily rely on buses.

Also, it is planning to operate rental buses between 5:00 am and 9:00 am and 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm when the traffic volume surges. They are currently in talks to select drivers capable of driving them.

In addition, the city plans to minimize the traffic inconvenience by raising subway operations and lifting the deactivation day status for taxis.

An official from the bus union has said that the third and last meeting scheduled for today sees low chances of coming to an agreement as the first and the second meeting ended without one.

The official added that if today’s meeting breaks down, all bus services in Busan will stop from early morning of the 15th.

There are 5,566 bus drivers in Busan city, responsible for 144 routes. On strike day, all city buses and village buses will not operate.


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