Diagnostic Tests Show Gwangan Bridge Needs Two Months of Restoration Work


The diagnostic safety test on the Gwangan Bridge has forecast optimistic results if the bridge undergoes two months of restoration work since it was damaged by the large sized vessel late last month.

The restoration work will begin next week and continue until the end of next month.

The Busan Infrastructure Corporation has announced on the interim results of the detailed safety diagnosis of the damaged bridge yesterday.

According to initial diagnosis conducted on the bridge by the Korea Infrastructure Safety Corporation (KPS) since the 3rd of March, the pillars and the bridge itself have been found to have no problems.

The Busan Infrastructure Corporation has said that once the restoration work is completed, the bridge will have no safety issues at all.

The corporation plans to start the restoration work next week.

The restoration work will begin by removing the damaged parts and attaching new construction parts. The total cost is expected to be less than 10 billion won.

Meanwhile, the lane on the ramp leading up to the bridge going towards Haeundae direction will be controlled during the restoration work, as it has been since the accident.




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