Dining out during Korea’s traditional holiday seasons are the best times to experience the country’s diverse culinary selections a recent report shows.

The Bank of Korea recently released statistics that during Lunar New Year’s which usually falls in January or February, credit card purchases at restaurants and accommodations fall nearly 10% for that month.

During Chuseok — usually held in September or October — they fall 7.3% as many people tend to stay and eat at home with families during the holidays.

The statistics suggest that the major Korean holiday seasons are a great time to get into the more popular trendy dining options which are sometimes nearly impossible to get into without a long reservation list.

From intimate dining options to hole-in-wall local delicacies, dining out in Korea, like in many cities around the world, can vary at times with many restaurants becoming packed and either standing reservations or advanced booking required.

Here’s a great look at some great local restaurants in Busan worth a go if you’re looking to explore dining options around the city.


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