Apartments in Marine City will provide a beautiful night view during “Marine City Lighting Day” which is scheduled for May 24-26.

Haeundae-gu U 3-dong residents autonomy committee and the residents center announced that they will promote “Marine City Lighting Day” to localize the Marine City night view in cooperation with apartment residents in the area.

“Marine City Lighting Day” is an event that hopes to bring memories to domestic and foreign tourists who are visiting Haeundae by creating the most beautiful night view during the Haeundae Sand Festival which is scheduled the same weekend.

The stunning night view of Marine City was selected as one of the best night views in 2015, and this year it was selected as one of the best night view brands in Korea by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization’s “2019-2020 Korea Tourism”.

Usually, the night light rate from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Marine City is about 30% to 40%, but organizers are hoping to raise it to 60% to 70% by encouraging residents to turn on their lights to provide better views and photo opportunities.

The top recommended places to see the lights are from Haeundae Beach, Dongbaek Island, Suyeong Yacht Stadium, or by cruise ship or yacht.

Local yacht companies are expected to offer a 30% discount on prices during the event.


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