L.A. Billboard: Even if You Look Like Kim Jong-un, You Can Still Have an Affair

LOS ANGELES, California — AshleyMadison.com, a US online dating firm that introduces people who are bored with love between the marital sheets and are looking for an extramarital hook up, has placed a billboard at the Los Angeles International Airport featuring North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, with the caption reading:

‘Affairs Now Guaranteed! Even if you look like him.’

Some critics of the billboard say that it makes fun of Kim based on his appearance. In a press release, the firm was unabashed in its defense of the ad by saying, ‘Whether you’re the most powerful man in America, France, Italy or North Korea—you are destined to cheat.’

The site, which claims to have over 15 million members in 25 countries, isn’t only picking on Kim Jong-un, a man who is probably too busy fighting Western imperialism to think about stepping out on the wife. Other billboard ad campaigns have featured Newt Gingrich, the thrice-married Republican rascal, as well as former Italian prime minister and well-publicized womanizer Silvio Berlusconi.

They’ve also run international ad campaigns with leaders that have not (as far as we know) had an affair, such as Barack Obama in a promotion in Columbia.

The site also keeps a running tab on celebrity and political extramarital affairs in the news, including a recent story claiming Washington, DC is the best city in America for cheating on your spouse. Who knew?

There was also a recent post on the ‘5 Male Politicians We’d Like to Have an Affair With‘, naming Barrack Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, Adrian Fenty, Justin Trudeau and Vladamir Putin as their top picks to meet for a drink in a dark corner.

According to founder and CEO Noel Biderman, he chose the name ‘Ashley Madison’ based on the two most popular baby names for girls in 2002 when he conceived the matchmaking service.

By design, the site’s name and the pink color scheme aims predominantly at women. Biderman has said that married men are already out there scheming online anyway and are in no need of further encouragement.

Last year, the firm produced a TV ad that was rejected by the Fox network advertising committee for being too ‘racy’ for it’s viewers.

That the site could afford an ad for the Super Bowl indicates they are raking in some decent coin from women looking to step out on their spouse. They reportedly received over 30,000 new women subscribers directly after the TV spot aired during regular broadcast slots on another network.

In fact, Ashley Madison, whose slogan is ‘Life is Short, Have An Affair’, is so confident that you will hook up with someone that they offer a refund if you don’t.

With our affair guarantee package we guarantee you will find the perfect affair partner,’ the site claims.

According to some studies, as many as one in six marriages start online. No word as to how many end there.

For more info you can check out the site at www.ashleymadison.com

Interview with CEO Noel Biderman  (Sean Hannity, Fox)

Kim Jong-un illustration by C. Ware.

Some ad campaigns run in various countries

Bobby McGill
Bobby is the founder of Haps Korea.

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