Poetry Plus+46

    May 19, 2018 @ 8:30 pm – 11:45 pm Asia/Seoul Timezone
    Vinyl Underground
    Poetry Plus+46 @ Vinyl Underground

    Poetry Plus+46 returns May 19th, at 8:30 p.m. at the Vinyl Underground in the Kyungsung University area. THE EVENT BEGINS ON TIME. As always, in order to get the most fun out of Poetry Plus, it’s best to come early and stay late! Seating fills up fast. Like always, Poetry Plus is a FREE event.

    What is Poetry Plus? Poetry Plus is the longest running expatriate performance event in Busan, & perhaps in all of South Korea. The event sprouted out of a small community on November 11, 2000. Now, Poetry Plus has grown into a fully produced show which brings together a variety of art forms into a single night of entertainment and enlightenment.

    For Poetry Plus+46, we are happy to introduce several new contributors to the Poetry Plus stage to go along with several Poetry Plus veterans from previous events. A slideshow of photographs, illustrations, drawings, & paintings will continually play on the monitors & projection screen throughout the night. So, audience members get the opportunity to take in a gallery exhibit as well as stage performances.

    The Burrito Bike will be offering burritos for sale at the event!

    To get there: In Kyungsung (subway stop 212). Go up exit 3 and keep walking straight. Starbucks is on your right. Turn right at the first street and walk 2.5 blocks. On your right, a sign with the Warhol banana, head down the stairs and glide right in.

    Poetry Plus+46
    8:30pm: Opening Band: Barbie Dolls.
    Jenni Payne & Michael Wheeler
    Azra Woods: “There’s a certain slant of light” by Emily Dickinson
    Tim Paugh: Film: “drifters” w/ Mike Ventola, guitar
    JiHyun Yun: Poetry: “The Leaving Season”
    Anthony Velasquez: Prose: “Three is the Magic Number: or Five, or Seven or Nine.”
    Courtney Renfroe: “Solo Cello Recital”
    Chris Tharp: Prose: “Smokin’ Joe”
    Zafiro Dell’Acqua: Voice: “Definitely Broadway”
    Jenni Payne & Michael Wheeler


    Jenni Payne & Michael Wheeler
    Azra Woods: “Because I could not stop for death” by Emily Dickinson
    Patrick Quinn Carle: “Solo Violin Recital”
    Kenneth May: Words: “Ghost Runners” w/ Gordon Robert Bazsali, trumpet, Patrick Quinn Carle, violin, Eguelson Legagneur, congas & bongos.
    Marike Kotze: “….” with Courtney Renfroe, cello.
    John Durso: “Stand up Comedy”:
    Roberto Gourlay Fernandez: Hip Hop: “Tiempos de Lirica/Global Sonar”
    Jenni Payne & Michael Wheeler
    Poetry Plus Jam Session: Tooth Nunez

    Visual Artists
    Min The Elephant: “Elephants Never Forget”
    Niall J. Ruddy: “All My Friends are Happy”
    Garami: “Follow the Stars”
    Maria Cheknia
    & The Exotic Beasts

    Poetry Plus Staff
    Hosts: Jenni Payne & Michael Wheeler
    Visual Art Coordinators: Min The Elephant & Niall J. Ruddy
    Sound Master: Cheyne Kohl
    Music Coordinator: Mike Ventola
    Technical Assistant: Ade Yusuf
    Venue Cooperative: DongHa Kim
    Food By: The Burrito Bike a.k.a. Tyler Sims
    Organizer & Instigator: Kenneth May

    *Poetry Plus is a listening event with periodic crowd participation. *Please remain respectful of the artists and other audience members.

    Poetry Plus+46 is dedicated to the victims of unwarranted gun violence.


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