Fine Dust Warning Issued in Southern Korean Region

A fine dust watch has been issued to areas in Ulsan, Changwon, Gimhae, Gijang, and Busan’s Nambu regions including Dong, Seo, Nam, Jung, Suyeong, Yeongdo and Haeundae districts.

By micrograms per cubic meters, South Gyeongsang regions and Ulsan is 210 or more, while Busan city is measured at 190.

In equivalent terms, air quality index or AQI is used to measure the level of fine dust and effects on human bodies.

“Unhealthy” AQI is for measurement values between 151 to 200. At 190 for Busan, everyone may begin to experience some adverse health effects, and members of the sensitive groups may experience more serious effects.

AQI values beyond 201 and up to 300 would be measured as very unhealthy where everyone may experience more serious health effects.

Yellow dust carried over from China is also affecting air quality here in Busan with concentration levels rated at 236 micrograms per cubic meters.

Wearing a filtered mask is highly recommended if going outdoors.

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