One of China’s most beautiful and cleanest cities, Qingdao has so much to offer. And it’s just a short hop from Korea.

Golden Beach (Huang Dao)

Known to be one of the best beaches in China for having soft, golden sand and crystal-blue waters, Golden Beach is not just a beach; it is a major attraction. There are shopping centers, sports areas and a large children’s park that will keep the little ones excited.

Qingdao Site Museum

This massive mansion is of German design. A remnant of Qingdao’s former status as a German colony, it’s the site where the German governor luxuriously resided in the early 20th century. If the outside of the building isn’t breathtaking enough, the inside certainly is, and it’s full of interesting history.

Beer, Beer and More Beer!

The city of Qingdao is one of the largest beer capitals in the world and, of course, namesake to Qingdao Beer — a legacy of the German occupation. In only one area of the city, you’ve got a beer museum, beer festival, beer street, and brewery. Take photos in case you forget your time there.

Laoshan Scenic Area

If you are looking for an enchanting forest to clear your thoughts and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, this is your place. Put on a good pair of shoes, because this destination is for the more ‘outdoorsy’ types.

Fantwild Dreamland and Qingdao Animal Park

Fantwild Dreamland is an amusement park full of great rides. The nearby Animal Park is another popular destination. Not only is there almost every animal you could imagine, but they are all housed in their natural environments based on where they’re from. It’s a great spot for families.




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