The ASEAN Culture House (ACH), headed by President Sihyung Lee of the Korea Foundation (KF), is hosting “Easy Access Philippines,” the seventh event in the “Easy Access ASEAN” series from September 7-16, 2018.

The series introduces the cultures of the 10 ASEAN members through lectures and hand-on experiences hosted by foreign residents and professionals. Every month, cooking classes, traditional culture and language lectures, film screenings, and much more allow members of the public both young and old to enjoy the culture of ASEAN.

On September 7 and 13, lectures from the “Useful and Mysterious ASEAN” series will be provided, which focuses on deepening understanding of ASEAN countries. Dr. Eunhui Eom, a social science researcher of Seoul National University, will give a lecture on “Understanding the Philippines using 7 keywords,” and Professor Dongyeop Kim from Busan University of Foreign Studies will lecture on “Understanding the society of the Philippines.”

On Saturday, September 8 and 15, a civil servant from Cebu Province, a member of the Philippine Embassy in Korea, a foreign student from the Philippines and a native speaker will run a family workshop themed “How to craft a multipurpose jeepney box,” and hold a cooking class for adults. Through the cultural experience program, participants will be able to attend lectures on Philippine culture, and experience and craft traditional Philippine clothes. In the cooking class, participants will have the chance to try some of the culinary delights of the Philippines, including adobo and sago at gulaman.

In addition, there will be a screening of the 2016 film Sunday Beauty Queen, which follows a group of Philippine workers in Hong Kong who try to forget about their status as immigrants and dream of starting a new life by opening their own beauty pageant.

All programs are free to the public, and applications for the different events will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

The application window for the first of the events will open at 10 a.m. on August 28 via the ASEAN Culture House homepage.