Getting a Quality Education for Your Child in Korea

Jinju is home to a school like none other. We recently sat down with their principal, Matthew Smith, and learned more.


As more international schools have been opened around the peninsula in recent years, schools catering to the need for English-medium education has been on the rise.

Saint Paul Jinju Campus, which operates through the Nacel International School System, hails from its main location in St. Paul, Minnesota and oversees 19 schools in China, Philippines, Vietnam, France, Poland, Turkey, Japan and Korea.

“Saint Paul Jinju Campus is the school I wish I had attended as a kid” says Matthew Smith, the school’s principal. “It’s the dream, really.”

The Texan native has lived in Korea for almost ten years now but was trained as a classroom teacher in America. He follows a legacy of educators as both his mother and father were principals of American schools back in his home state. 

“I am lucky enough to work with some of the best talent Korea has to offer. We’ve gathered the kind of teaching team other principals can only dream about.” 

 What is it that makes SPJC so different?

Saint Paul Jinju Campus is special in that it offers a truly international experience, Pre-K through Junior High, right in the heart of South Gyeongsang Province.

The teachers are expert educators and bring a wholly unique experience to the classroom. SPJC class sizes are small by design to give children the attention they deserve in the classroom.

The curriculum follows best teaching practices following mostly American standards. Students are exposed to foreign languages, art, music, and physical education twice a week on top of a rigorous core academic load.

Courses are taught in English and E.S.L. support is comprehensive. The school caters frequent field trips, career education, experiential education, and over twenty different after school clubs to their students. Their facilities are brand new and located in the Innovation City portion of Jinju. 

Most recently, their Junior High department launched to local acclaim over the summer. Students receive one-on-one academic counseling and roadmaps to success in preparation for eventual graduation and acceptance into universities abroad.

“Typically, our graduates aim to go abroad for their higher education. It’s our job to prepare them the best we can,” Mr. Smith says.

“Come see why over 60 new families chose Saint Paul Jinju Campus just last year alone. It’s an amazing time to be here in Jinju.” 

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