Gijang’s Anchovy Festival Selected as Busan’s Excellent Festival of 2019


The office of Gijang county said the Anchovy Festival has been selected as Busan’s Excellent Festival of 2019.

The city of Busan has recently held the festival promotion committee for the city and evaluated local festivals organized by 16 regions in the city.

As a result, Gijang Anchovy Festival has been picked as an excellent festival in the city following Saha district’s Gamcheon Culture Village Alley Festival claiming the top spot.

Since its first ever festival in 1997, the Gijang anchovy festival has been held at Daebyeon Harbor area in Gijang county every spring to promote its large anchovies measuring between 10 – 15cm.

Last year, the festival was regarded as a representative festival of Busan when more than 450,000 people had visited the festivity.

The festival will receive a prize of 30 million won from Busan city for its publicity and marketing support expenses.


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