Groundbreaking Ceremony Held Today for East Busan Tourism Complex Theme Park

Image: Oshiri PFV

The groundbreaking ceremony of the large-scale theme park in East Busan Tourism Complex will be held today with investors, regional university presidents, among others participating in the event.

The theme park will be built on a half million square meter site in Gijang with various kinds of amusement facilities including the mega-sized theme park, the non-motorized luge, hotel, aquarium, and a shopping mall.

Concept art courtesy Legacy | GGE

“Lotte World Adventure Busan” will start construction later this year will have 28 kinds of medium and large-sized attractions and rides. Large rollercoasters, thrill rides, outdoor squares, lakes, indoor play facilities, kid’s parks, shopping, and food facilities are all in the works at the Lotte Magic Forest.

New Zealand’s Skyline Enterprise is developing and operating a non-motorized luge facility, with two lifts and five tracks as part of the massive complex.

GS Retail, who are expected to build a sports park and hotel, is also in the process of finalizing the scale and content of its installation and plans to start construction next year.

The city of Busan expects to attract more than 4 million tourists per year to the theme park once it finishes construction by 2021.




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