Gwangan Bridge Partially Reopened to Traffic


The entrance routes to Haeundae on the Gwangan Bridge were partially re-opened to car traffic from Saturday night at 10 p.m.

The Busan Facilities Corporation said that it allowed some cars to pass through one of the two lanes to Haeundae though it is limited to passenger cars, vans of 12 seats or less, and vans of 1 tonne or less.

As a result of receiving consultation from the Structural Safety Advisory Committee of the Korean Society of Civil Engineers, the bridge was found to have no safety problems when used by cars.

Larger vehicles will continue to be detoured from the bridge for the time being.

The bridge had been closed since Thursday night due to a Russian cargo ship hitting the bridge.

In order to alleviate traffic problems, Pukyoung National University opened its gates to allow traffic to pass through.





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