Interview: Korean Legend Yoon Do Hyun 윤도현

BUSAN, South Korea –The YB band, named after its legendary leader Yoon Do Hyun, paid their fifth visit to the Busan Rock Festival yesterday capping off a solid opening day of rockers from around the world. The rock festival is going on all weekend at Samrak Park near the Nakdong river.

This wasn’t your mama’s rock lineup. These were mashers and screamers sending out a driving sound that pushed the crowd of over 10,000 into a frenzy while the sprinklers kicked on and doused them with water every 20 minutes — or whenever the water guy was bored.

Local expat band, One Drop East, also did a set as the one band of the day that brought the funk in a sea of pounding rock as the only band multi-national.

After the YB band left the stage, I got a chance to sit for a few minutes with Yoon Do Hyun and ask him about how the music scene in Korea has changed over his 16-year career, how K-Pop actually helps Korea’s ‘real’ musicians, whether he is penning an Olympic anthem to match his World Cup song-phenom Oh Pilseung Korea, and how the band got its name.

For more info on the rockfest go here.

Photos by Bobby McGill






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