Jeju Airlines announced on that it will begin flights from Gimhae International Airport to Singapore Changi International Airport from July 4th.

It is operated four times a week every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Busan to Singapore is the longest of Jeju Air’s routes, with a flight distance of 4,700 km and a flight time of about 6 hours.

Currently, the longest route is 4,300 kilometers from Incheon to Bangkok, Thailand.

Jeju Air has introduced a new class of 12 premium seats of the 189 seats total that are available for the Singapore flights.

Additionally, SilkAir, a local airline affiliated with Singapore Airlines, will operate four flights per week between Busan and Singapore starting from May 1st.

The SilkAir flights between Busan and Singapore will run on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.


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