Jenny Hyun and the Cyber Insanity


    BUSAN, South Korea – New York Knicks point guard, Jeremy Lin, has done more than just bring a stumbling franchise back to relevancy, he’s unknowingly started a war of cyber-stupidity over the past week that has been taken to a whole new (low) level.

    The hype surrounding the 23-year-old point guard is unprecedented for a guy who has started a total of only eight games this season. Would the media have focused their attention on the Harvard grad this much had he been in a smaller market like Charlotte or Minnesota? Probably not, but playing in New York, he’s on the world’s biggest stage, and with that, came the media frenzy. Oh, yeah, and he’s an Asian-American – the first to play in the NBA.

    In the past week, social media sites have stirred many debates not only about Lin’s abilities, or how he, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony can play together on the same court, but also debates on Asian’s place in American culture, Taiwan vs. China, whether Koreans were trying to claim him vs. Chinese netizens faking anti-Korean rumors, ESPN’s racially ridiculous headlines, and now this, a controversial boxer, Floyd Mayweather vs. Jenny Hyun, K-pop songwriter.

    Well, actually, it’s more like Jenny Hyun versus herself.

    So who is Jenny Hyun? According to her website, she’s a 27-year-old Korean-American songwriter for K-pop groups Girls Generation and ChoColat.

    Apparently, she was not impressed by Mayweather’s Twitter comments in which he Tweeted:

    “Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.”

    Mayweather’s never been known for his couth, and was lambasted in the media for his once again racially insensitive comments.

    In response, Jenny Hyun, went on a Twitter tirade against the entire African race. Read it for yourself:

    Yeah. Pretty rough stuff.

    If no one had a clue as to who Jenny Hyun was before, they sure do now. Linsanity has claimed its next victim.

    Now why should anyone care what this relatively unknown girl, says? She’s gained instant notoriety after her outburst, and an online petition has been launched, urging Korean and international entertainment companies to blacklist her.

    She then doled out this “apology” on her website.

    “You are threatening me with the fact that you know my address. You guys have also started to roar your engines every so often outside of my home. This is my official apology to the black community. I do not regret what I said, however, I now understand that there are some lines one cannot cross,” she said.

    Oh, the Linsanity. Hyun does look great in her modelling work though, I must admit.

    Apparently she has some good spin doctors in her corner. The latest news is that she is not a racist nut after all, but is actually suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

    “Jenny Hyun has been admitted to a hospital today. She is a paranoid schizophrenic and has been battling mental illness, a debilitating disease for many years. Friends and family of Jenny want to extend their sincere apology for any harmful statements made verbally or via the web that Jenny has made while she was in the height of a psyshosis episode. We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time for her.”

    I can only wait in anticipation until Snooki chimes in.

    Maybe we should blame all of the cyber-stupidity on Mike D’Antoni, the head coach of the Knicks. If he’d only waited for Baron Davis to recover from his injury, none of this Linsanity would have happened. Oops, now there I go playing the blame game.

    As for Jenny, her website before the incident ranked as the 13,574,911th most popular website in the world. I would imagine it will take quite a huge upturn for the next few days. I wonder if they have Internet in the insanity ward.

    If she really is suffering from this mentally debilitating condition that affects the lives of many people every day, then my sympathy goes out to her and her family. If not, then I hope she gets a visit from Al Sharpton.

    Lin and the Knicks play against the New Jersey Nets tomorrow evening. Let’s lay off the keyboard, stop the cyber battles, and just watch the kid play ball – myself, along with millions of others, are rooting for him.

    Jenny Hyun images used from her Myspace page.





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