Local Taxi Unions Opposed to “Buxi” Launching in Busan

The Busan taxi industry is opposing the establishment of ‘Buxi’ in the port city which provides services to customers using rental cars.

Korea Taxi Workers’ Union Busan Regional Headquarters, the Busan Taxi Transportation Association, and the Busan Metropolitan City Private Taxi Businesses Union issued a press release yesterday and said they oppose the establishment of Buxi, an identical twin business of ‘Tada’, in Busan.

The labor unions said while ‘Tada’ claims to be a legal rental car business, they are considered more like illegal taxi services in reality.

They further argued that the company using a mobile app that connects customers to drivers and collecting ride fares is not a sharing economy and innovative mobility business.

Last month, a comprehensive logistics company Caris Kukbo relocated its headquarters to Busan and announced that it will invest in the creation of an 11 to 15 seater taxi service in Busan called Buxi.

They announced that it will invest about 3 to 5 billion won in the first quarter of this year to establish Buxi in Busan.
Buxi is a taxi service utilizing taxi operators and rental cars.
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