Final plans for the new theme park to be built in Gijang have been released.

The new theme park in the East Busan Tourism Complex is to be named “Lotte Magic Forest” with a theme of “forests and gardens”.

Construction is set to begin in April 2019 with a completion date of May 2021.

According to Busan Urban Corporation and Osiria Theme Park PFV Co., Ltd., the theme park will have play facilities, lounges, shopping malls, food and beverage outlets, sports parks, hotels and other facilities.

The new park will include six nature-themed lands and more than a dozen family attractions in its first phase, anchored by two roller coaster experiences, according to a press release issued by the park’s creative team at California’s Legacy | GGE.

The theme park, which is being developed by Oshiri PFV Co., has selected Gary Goodard Entertainment from the U.S. as the park’s development concept designer.

The theme park is being billed as “the first European style amusement park” in Asia.

They are hoping to attract more than 3.6 million visitors in its first year and are considering whether to open the park in stages or all at once.

Building a world-class theme park has always been a hope of the East Busan Tourism Complex, but they’ve had struggles to attract an operator.

Negotiations with MGM, Universal Studios, AAG from the U.A.E. and Summerstone from the United Kingdom all failed, while CJ also withdrew plans to develop a park in 2014.

The 500,000 square meter park will cost nearly 800 billion won to build according to company estimates.