Man Arrested for Murder When He Cuts Worker’s Safety Cord at Apartment in Yangsan

A 41-year-old man was arrested for murder in Yangsan this morning after he cut a worker’s safety cord because the music playing from his cell phone was “too loud”.

Yangsan police say the man went to the top of the 15 story apartment and cut the two men’s safety cord with a knife at 8:13 a.m. this morning who were applying silicon sealant on a 12th floor window.

A 46-year-old worker plunged to his death, while a 36-year-old worker survived as his rope wasn’t completely cut.

Police suspect that the accused cut a 1.8 cm diameter rope by climbing to the rooftop with his cutter knife after 119 workers discovered the severed rope.

The suspect, who had tried to find construction work at around 4 a.m. in the morning but failed, allegedly went home and began to drink alcohol.

When he tried to sleep afterwards, he began to become annoyed by the “loud music” playing from the workers cell phone three stories down and went to cut the ropes.

He claims he didn’t see any workers when he cut the rope. He had earlier said in a statement that he had nothing to do with it, though was caught by the rooftop CCTV when confronted with the evidence.

Police will apply for murder and attempted murder charges pending the final investigation.

Haps Staff
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