Master Plan for Train and Railway Facilities Reassignment in Busan Revealed


Train and railway facilities at Busan Station, Busanjin Station, and Bucheon stations will undergo reassignment.

Busan city and representative of the Liberty Korea Party Lee Heun-seung revealed yesterday that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport will announce the master plan of Busan Station railway reassignment on the 13th which will reassign Busan station as the KTX-designated train stop, while the Saemaeul and other trains will run from Bucheon Station.

This project has cost a total of 796.8 billion won to reassign train facilities, trains, and railways of 29,000 square meters by the year 2030.

The Ministry will post the bird’s eye view of the master plan this afternoon.

Busan Station will first reduce the number of sidetracks to 12 from the current 28 to make them all for KTX trains and undergo high-speed train inspections for railways.




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